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What is Your Water Footprint?
Use the water calculator by H2O CONSERVE and find out!


Find information on current rebates being offered by the Town for undertaking water conservation measures in your home.

For information about State of California rebates:

Windsor Efficiency PAYS

Sign-up to have a PAYS® program representative contact you about a new offer available only in the Town of Windsor beginning August 2012. With NO up-front cost, you can make water & energy efficiency upgrades to your home or apartment and enjoy savings and comfort right away! For additional information,

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Water Smart Home Program
Find out more about Windsor's free and comprehensive water use assessment program.
Water Smart Home Program

Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL)

Hiring a locally trained QWEL graduate can save you both water and money on your bill. Or take a class yourself and get the skills you need to do it right on your own.

Sonoma County Energy Independence Office (EIO)

The EIO helps Sonoma County’s residential and commercial property owners and tenants save energy and water and install renewable energy sources such as solar panels. To learn more, please call 707-565-6470 or visit

Hints & Tips

Find additional advice, documents and useful links on how to conserve water in your home.
Hints & Tips