Vehicle Abatement

Vehicle Parking Complaints / Abandoned Vehicles

The Police Department handles citizen complaints regarding suspected abandoned vehicles, boats, and motor homes left on public roadways as well as private property. Please refer to Windsor Municipal Code Section Title IV Chapter 1.

Complaints generally occur when vehicles are left in the same area for extended periods of time and create a nuisance for a neighborhood. To report an abandoned vehicle, select the link or call (707) 838-1234. Please gather as much information as possible. It is especially helpful to have a license plate so the plate can be run to to see if the vehicle has been reported stolen.

For parking complaints about vehicles that are parked illegally i.e. red curb, double parked, blocking a driveway, parked the wrong direction, no handicapped placard displayed, etc. contact our Community Services Officer, Bill Mikan during business hours Monday-Thursday at (707) 838-1234. If after business hours contact Sonoma County Dispatch at (707) 565-2121, and a patrol unit will be sent when available.