Engineering Division

Engineering BridgeOverview
The Engineering Division is responsible for implementing the Town’s Capital Improvement Program and land development projects. It coordinates and reviews private development projects and related construction in the public rights of way and ensures compliance with Town Codes and standards of work.

Responsibilities include:
  • Contract preparation and administration
  • Engineering design
  • Encroachment permits in the public right of way
  • Project management
  • Public Works inspections
  • Design and construction of Public Works improvements
  • Development review
  • Permit issuance
  • Permits and records
  • Public Works master planning
  • Traffic engineering

Engineering Documents
(Some Documents may take several minutes to download due to volume and size.)

Design and Construction Standards Full Document

Complete Street Design Guidelines January 2013

Construction Traffic Control Procedures February 2011 rev. March 2012

Neighborhood Traffic Management and Calming Program, 2013

Pedestrian Safety Assessment - Final Report October 17, 2012

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) March 2014

Sonoma County Airport Area Recycled Water Planning Update Project September 2011

Traffic Impact Fee Update - 2008

2015 Final Urban Water Management Plan - (UWMP) - May take several minutes to download

Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan October 2014

Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan - Map

Windsor Final Water Master Plan September 2011

Windsor Average Daily Traffic Volume Map