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Administrative Services

  1. Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request
  2. Meter Set Request

    Form to request a water meter to be installed

  3. Question or Concern for Accounts Payable

    Let us know if you have a question or concern pertaining to Accounts Payable

  1. Garbage Services

    Have a question, concern or suggestion regarding your garbage service? Please provide your name, address and e-mail address along with... More…

  2. Other Question or Concern

    Do you have a question or concern, but not sure which Department to ask? Let us know and we will direct your question to the... More…

  3. Question or Concern for Utility Billing

    Let us know if you have a question or concern pertaining to Utility Billing

Information Systems

  1. Website Accessibility Form

    Form to use for reporting website accessibility issues on the Town of Windsor website

Parks and Recreation

  1. 2017 Janitorial Bid

    2017 Janitorial Bid for Janitorial Services for Various Town Facilities

  2. General Inquiry / Request for Service / Complaint Form
  1. Council Chambers Audio-Visual Upgrade

    Council Chambers Audio-Visual Upgrade

Police Department

  1. Police Report Request

    Request copy of a police report

  2. Vacation Check Request

    Enter a request for vacation checks

  1. Report Adbandoned Vehicle

    Report an abandoned vehicle

Public Works

  1. Water

    Ask a question or submit a concern regarding water

Town Manager's Office

  1. Virtual Suggestion Box

    Have a suggestion for improvement for the Town of Windsor? Your input is welcome. Please provide your name and e-mail address along... More…