Non-Profit Grant Program

The Non-Profit Grant Program was established by the Windsor Town Council in 1995 to support local non-profit organizations that directly serve the community and/or benefit the Town of Windsor.  The program is supported predominately by the General Fund and is administered by the Parks and Recreation Department.  Agreements between the Town and each funding recipient are initiated following the Town Council’s funding allocations.

Council considers funding projects or programs that are determined to be beneficial or valuable to the community on an annual basis.  Financial commitment to any one organization will be on a one-year basis for programs or projects completed during the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30. No future or ongoing commitment is implied.
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Applicant Criteria
Applicants may only apply for project funding in one of the following categories:
  • Human Services: Projects which provide services to the residents of the Town of Windsor
  • Promotional: Projects which promote or benefit the Town of Windsor
The human service or promotional project shall show how it is a benefit to the Town of Windsor and is an appropriate extension of Town services. The project may complement or enhance existing programs and/or services. The requesting organization shall justify why it is the most appropriate organization to provide the service by means of expertise, experience and cost-effectiveness. Collaborations between multiple not-for-profit organizations, matching sources of funding and the use of volunteers are strongly encouraged. The organization shall clearly document how it serves Town of Windsor residents. The requesting organization shall be specific in its description of the program or project that is being proposed and highlight the project benefits to the community and/or to the Town of Windsor.

The requesting organization shall possess a current IRS Not-for-Profit determination letter (IRS Form 501(c).3).

Application Procedure
Grant applications must be submitted ONLINE by Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. Paper or emailed applications will not be accepted. Please plan ahead and allow time to navigate the online form. Please click this link to read tips and troubleshooting techniques for the online application. You can save your progress and come back to it later. You will still be required to upload the following documents so we encourage you to have these saved onto your computer prior to beginning the application process:
  • Specific Project Budget: This should be a detailed budget which include any additional funding you will be receiving and details of the expenses including those you wish the Town of Windsor grant to cover.
  • IRS Not-for-Profit designation (Form 501.c.3)
  • List of Current Board Members or Project Committee Members
  • One page with up to four photos and NO text
*NEW* for 2019 Funding Cycle
The Town has worked hard to streamline this process. The 2019-2020 Funding Agreement has been modified to remove the insurance requirement. Due to this, the qualifying expenses have also been modified. Please take special note, the Town will no longer fund personnel and operational overhead. Qualifying expenses include:
  • Supplies
  • Promotional Materials
  • Equipment 
  • Town Rental Fees** (Additional insurance requirements apply as part of the rental process)
**Town Staff are available to meet with applicants prior to April 25 to review expenses related to proposed facility rentals. Please contact staff at 707-838-1260
Online Application
Award of Funds
The Town Council is scheduled to award funding at its regular meeting of June 19, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. Confirmation of the meeting will be sent to applicants a minimum of two weeks in advance.A presentation will be made to Council based on the applications received. New applications may be asked to make a three minute presentation to Council introducing and summarizing the nature of their project or program. Any presentation requirements will be notified in advance, but applicants should be prepared to answer any questions regarding their application during the meeting. The public may address the Council during the public comment portion of the agenda item.

Agreement and Reimbursement
Upon award of funds, the Town and non-profit recipient shall enter into an agreement to be signed and returned within two weeks of its receipt. Council may require certain conditions to be included in the agreement. Failure to return the agreement in a timely manner may forfeit the award of funding. Recipient shall notify the Town in writing immediately upon its decision not to claim the awarded funding or if the non-profit wishes to alter the project or service, thereby requiring an amendment to their agreement. Any changes to the agreement (date, location, event or level of funding, etc.) will require Council approval. A change request must be made in writing to Council 30 days prior to the project or service being offered. Any use of volunteers will require they sign a Release of Liability Form to be filed with the Town of Windsor prior to the project or service. The Form will be provided by the Town. 

This grant is a REIMBURSEMENT program. Funds are reimbursed by the Town upon proof of expenditure in accordance with their funding applications and delineated in the agreement executed between the Town and each non-profit organization. 

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In 2018, the Town Council reviewed twenty-one (21) funding requests totaling $159,792 and awarded funding totaling $91,642 to twenty (20) non-profit organizations for the current fiscal year 2018-2019.  

For more information contact:
Olivia Lemen, Acting Parks and Facilities Superintendent
Windsor Parks and Recreation Department
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, 7 am to 6 pm
Office Phone: 707.838.5383
Online Application