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2020 Urban Water Management Plan

Water Quality Reports
2021 Water Quality Report
2020 Water Quality Report
2019 Water Quality Report
2018 Water Quality Report

2019 Water Master Plan

2019 Arsenic Special Study Memo

2017 Esposti Well Redevelopment and Arsenic Treatment System Preliminary Design

2010 Esposti Well and Bluebird Well Installation Report
- Appendices A-H of 2010 Well Installation Report

2007 Well Siting Study

2001 Slade Well Study

Asphalt Placement Standards

Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

Collection System Infiltration & Inflow Study Final

Design & Construction Standards

Design Standards, Calthorpe/Solomon
Earthwork Construction Standards

Hiram Lewis Park/Detention Basin

1. Program Report Windsor Cumulative Drainage

2. Hydrologic Calculation Windsor Cumulative Drainage

3. Hydraulic Calcs Windsor Cumulative Drainage
4. Detention Basin Calculations Windsor Cumulative Drainage

5. Base Program Improvement Calcs Windsor Cumulative Drainage

6. Base Program Cost Estimate Analysis Windsor Cumulative Drainage

7. Supplementary Hydrologic Calcs Windsor Cumulative Drainage

8. Suppplementary Hydraulic Calcs. Windsor Cumulative Drainage

Master Trunk Sewer Plan

North Old Redwood Hwy Area Utility Infrastructure Study

Old Redwood Highway Corridor Enhancement Plan 2022

Recycled Water Storage and Use Report, Final 2020

Sewer Master Plan Phase 2 Final

Standard Unit Costs

Storm Drain Master Plan Final

Urban Recycled Water Facilities Planning Study

Water System Base Maps

Windsor Resiliency for Emergencies and Disasters Initiative (READI) 2022

Windsor Water Reclamation Master Plan, December 2001