Are you planning a car wash fundraiser event?  

Borrow a car wash kit! These kits allow you to protect the water quality in our creeks while you raise money for your organization with a car wash. 

Why is this Important? 

Car wash runoff contains oil, grease, heavy metals, and soap. All those pollutants go into our creeks untreated. These pollutants harm wildlife, including the fish, birds and other living things that live in our waterways. 

If your community organization is planning a car wash fundraiser, please borrow the Town’s car washing kit. The kit has everything you need to keep pollutants from entering the storm drain system.

How do I Borrow the Community Car Wash Kit?  

To borrow the community car wash kit, please call (707) 838-5385. The Storm Water Program Manager will meet with you for a pre-inspection of the site where your car wash fundraiser will take place. The pre-inspection ensures that the car wash is planned for a space with an adequate drainage area as well as a source of electricity. Once the site is approved, you will be asked to sign a check-out form and provide a check for $500 for deposit. The check will NOT be cashed unless the car wash kit is not returned. The $500 deposit is the cost to replace a car wash kit.

Car Wash Check Out Form

Instructions for Car Wash

Click here to watch a video by the City of Roseville demonstrating how to set up a car wash kit that is similar to Windsor’s kit.

Car Wash Kit

Car Wask Kit Photo
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