Business owners and operators, you can do your part too! Click here for information on best management practices at your business and place of work.

Remember chlorine harms fish and other wildlife. Drain chlorinated swimming pool and spa water into the sewer or, if possible, straight to vegetated landscape areas. Click here for more information on draining pools and spas. Storm Pollution at Work


Did you know that the soap and oil that goes down the storm drain when you wash your car is harmful to water quality and to the fish and other life in the creeks? And the pesticides you spray on your yard, if sprayed right before a rain can wash off and kill beneficial insects in the creeks?  Please click here for a flyer about pollutants typical for a home and yard.

Want more info about pollution prevention? Do-it-yourselfers click here. Prevent Pollution-Home

The Town of Windsor would like to direct home owners like you to a website where you can find important information on how to prevent storm water pollution at home. Please click on the link above for information on how to prevent pollution when conducting a variety of activities including:

  • Maintaining Your Car (Keep the oil out of the gutter!)
  • Painting
  • Car washing (Yes, soapy and oily water is a pollutant.)
  • Draining your swimming pool (Chlorine harms aquatic life.)
  • Home Improvement (concrete waste, barbeques, job site Clean-up, and Power Washing)
  • And more!

Remember, only rain, down the storm drain! 

Contact your Town of Windsor Storm Water Coordinator at (707) 838-5385 or email us at for more information.