Walk Your Way To Health Park Signs


Our bodies were made to move! So, what are you waiting for? Exercise offers many physical, mental and social benefits. Walk one loop or ten. Bike a trail or all of them. Just move! Together we will take our next steps towards a healthier community!

Together in health, the Town of Windsor and St. Joseph Health are pleased to introduce new trail signage throughout the Windsor park and trail system to encourage and support healthy lifestyles throughout our community. In the summer and fall of 2019, park signage will be installed in the following locations:

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  • Hiram Lewis Park
  • Town Green
  • Keiser Park
  • Lakewood Meadows Park
  • Michael A. Hall Park
  • Old Vineyard Park
  • Pleasant Oak Park
  • Robbins Park
  • Vintage Oaks Park
  • Starr Creek Trail
  • Trione Trail
  • Windsor Creek Trail
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