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The Windsor Town Green has evolved into a vibrant community gathering space, the center for civic life in Windsor, and the core feature of our pedestrian-friendly downtown. In order to accomplish the long-held goal of developing the northern side of Town Green with active uses, and to provide funding to replace the outdated and undersized civic buildings, the Town of Windsor is working with The Robert Green Company on a public-private partnership to explore the development of a new Civic Center.


The Civic Center project is still in the early design and evaluation stages; however, the proposed preliminary design includes an approximately $220 million dollar private development that includes a new 151-room hotel with event/ballroom space, multiple restaurants, and 87 residential units. Tax and other revenues generated by the private development are projected to provide the funding needed to construct a new publicly-owned Civic Center, Library and Police Station just north of its current location, as well as a new public pavilion/music stage near the site of the current Library. This expanded Civic Center would replace the former Windsor Middle School buildings currently being used by the Town, some of which are almost 50-years-old buildings and becoming costly to maintain. The new Civic Center would provide considerable community benefits by allowing for an expanded library nearly twice its current size and a new police station and emergency operations center built to current esssential service standards, with little to no expense to town residents.


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February 12, 2020 Town Council Staff Report

Civic Center Visioning Plan


  • Improve the north end of the Town Green with active uses and pedestrian space for the public to enjoy
  • Fund the replacement of old, outdated, and undersized government buildings including the library, police station, school district and town offices
  • Improve the performance space at the east end of the Town Green
  • Create a gateway into town from the north
  • Increase foot traffic and economic activity to support existing downtown business
  • Create new local construction jobs
  • Increase Transit Occupancy and Property Taxes to fund improvements to roads, parks, and town services
  • Provide the community with new restaurants and community event and meeting spaces
  • Fund the creation of a new Emergency Operations Center to improve response during disasters and emergencies




Civic Center Roadmap



Tim Ricard, Economic Development Manager