On June 1, 2022, staff provided the Town Council with an update on the Civic Center Project and informed them that the Robert Green Company had exercised its right to terminate the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement for the development of the Civic Center properties. The Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) establishes a period of time during which the Town will negotiate exclusively with the Robert Green Company. The ENA provides both the Developer and the Town the right to terminate the Agreement without cause for a variety of reasons. The termination of the ENA stops the Civic Center project from moving forward.

The Windsor Town Green has evolved into a vibrant community gathering space, the center for civic life in Windsor, and the core feature of our pedestrian-friendly downtown. In order to accomplish the long-held goal of developing the northern side of Town Green with active uses, and to provide funding to replace the outdated and undersized civic buildings, the Town of Windsor is working with The Robert Green Company on a public-private partnership to explore the development of a new Civic Center.

Over the past 18 months, The Robert Green Company has been working collaboratively with Town officials and the community to develop plans for improving the northern side of the Town Green with a mix of uses that will make this a more active and inviting space for residents and visitors.  The Robert Green Company has engaged Makr Hospitality as a programming consultant and operator of the hotel and food and beverage outlets. Led by local celebrity chef Charlie Palmer and former Four Seasons executive (and Windsor resident) Chris Hunsberger, Makr Hospitality will work alongside The Robert Green Company to continue to develop the future vision of the Town Green Civic Center development – ensuring that the project will be uniquely local and truly Windsor.  These changes are intended to promote Windsor’s local identity and create spaces and uses that residents can enjoy and will provide opportunities for local businesses and artisans to showcase their products. 

The Civic Center project includes a hotel, residential development, and new civic buildings – including a new public safety building built to current essential services standards that will house the Town’s Police Department and the Town’s Emergency Operations Center.  Existing civic uses, including Town Hall, the Library, and Windsor Unified School District offices would be relocated to a new Civic Center building north and adjacent to the new development.

Revenues generated by the project, which include ground lease and hotel tax revenues, are expected to cover the costs of financing the new civic center building and police station without having to raise taxes on Windsor residents.

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Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) Resources



Complete Slide Deck Created by The Robert Green Company and MAKR Hospitality 

Town Council Meeting Packets

Potential Project Benefits 

  • Improve the north end of the Town Green with active uses and pedestrian space for the public to enjoy
  • Fund the replacement of old, outdated, and undersized government buildings including the library, police station, school district and town offices
  • Improve the performance space at the east end of the Town Green
  • Create a gateway into town from the north
  • Increase foot traffic and economic activity to support existing downtown business
  • Create new local construction jobs
  • Increase Transit Occupancy and Property Taxes to fund improvements to roads, parks, and town services
  • Provide the community with new restaurants and community event and meeting spaces
  • Fund the creation of a new Emergency Operations Center to improve response during disasters and emergencies



Tim Ricard, Economic Development Manager