Campaign Statements

AB 2151

Effective January 1, 2021, AB 2151 requires local government agencies to post campaign statements and reports on their agency's website, within 72-hours of each applicable filing deadline, if they are filed in paper format. If the final day of the 72-hour period is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the period is extended to the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. The reports and statements must remain on the agency's website for at least 4 years. 

The Town of Windsor has categorized the campaign statements and reports by year, beginning with 2021. If Forms were previously available online, all forms submitted prior to 2021 will be listed together. 

State Campaign Contribution Limits Effective January 1, 2021

Effective January 1, 2021, the State's contribution limit for 2021-2022 is $4,900 per contribution per election. Since the Town of Windsor did not implement it own contribution limits, the Town is subject to the State's current limits and their enforcement. Therefore, a person cannot contribute, and a candidate for elective town office may not accept, a contribution totaling more than the limit set forth for candidates for statewide elective office (State Senate and Assembly) as per Government Code Section 85301(d) (as amended). The limit is $4,900 for 2021-2022 per election and will be adjusted by the FPPC every two years. 

Form 460/470

As per Town of Windsor Ordinance No. 98-106 (AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF WINDSOR ADDING CHAPTER 7 OF TITLE 1 TO THE CODE OF THE TOWN OF WINDSOR,RELATING TO CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS), A candidate who has a controlled committee, or who has raised or spent or will raise or spend $250 or more during a calendar year in connection with election to office is required to submit a Recipient Committee Campaign Statement, known as Form 460 to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

Form 470 (Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form and Form 470 Supplement) is required only for candidates who do not have a controlled committee and do not anticipate receiving or spending more than $250 in a calendar year.  

Each Candidate/Committee is required to file Semi-annual Campaign Statement (Form 460 or Form 470). Statement due dates can be viewed here for the May 4, 2021 Election. 

  1. 2021
  2. Prior to 2021
NameTitle (i.e. At-Large Mayor, District, etc.)
Campaign NameForms SubmittedDate Filed
Julia DonohoCandidate for Councilmember 2021 Special ElectionDonoho for Windsor Town Council 2021470
470 Supplement
470 Amendment
Dominic FoppoliElected At-large Mayor- Term Expires 12/2022Friends of Dominic Foppoli for Mayor 20204602021-01-28
Debora FudgeElected Councilmember District 3 - Term Expires 12/2024Committee to Elect Debora Fudge Windsor Town Council 20204602021-02-01
Esther LemusElected Councilmember - Term Expires 12/2022Friends of Esther Lemus for Town Council 20224602021-01-25
Rosa ReynozaCandidate for At-Large Mayor 2020Rosa Reynoza for Windsor Mayor 20204602021-02-01
Cody WilsonCandidate for Councilmember 2021 Special Election--4702021-01-27

Form 497

Local committees must file Form 497 (24-Hour Contribution Report) in the following situations: 

  • File if contribution of $250 or more in the aggregate is received from a single source.
  • File if contribution of $250 or more is made in the aggregate to another candidate or measure being voted upon, or to a political party committee.
  • File within 24 hours of receiving or making contributions of $250 or more. 
  • File by fax, guaranteed overnight delivery service, or personal delivery. Due to COVID-19, Forms are also being accepted via email.
  1. May 4, 2021 Special Election
  2. November 3, 2020 Election
Name of FilerReportDate Filed
Oscar ChavezReport No. 1
Report No. 2
Report No. 3
Report No. 4
Report No. 4 - Amendment 1
Julia DonohoReport No. 102-17-2021

Form 501 and Form 410

Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement) is required for all candidates, including incumbents, except those candidates who will not be raising or spending funds other than their own for the printing of the Candidate's Statement of Qualifications. It must be filed prior to solicitation or receipt of any contribution, including personal funds. 

Form 410 (Statement of Organization/Recipient Committee) is required for all candidates who will receive contributions of $250 or more. If any information on the Form 410 changes, the committee must file an amendment within 10 days of the change. 

Clerk's Note: Forms 501 and 410 were not previously required to be posted online and are available upon request.

  1. May 4, 2021 Special Election
Candidate NameForms SubmittedDate Filed
Oscar Chavez501
Julia Donoho501
Jeffrey Leasure50102-04-2021
Rosa Reynoza50102-05-2021
Cody Wilson50101-27-2021

Form 461 - Major Donor and Independent Expenditure Committee Campaign Statement

  1. 2021
Name of FilerForm SubmittedDate Filed
Cynthia Gallaher46101-27-2021