Rosa Reynoza, Mayor

First Elected to Council: May 2021
Current Term: December 2022 - December 2024

Council Committee Assignments:

  • Health Action Committee - Representative
  • Public Art Advisory Commission - Alternate Representative
  • Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency Board - Alternate Representative
  • Sonoma County Fire Protection District Liaison Committee - Alternate Representative
  • Sonoma County Transportation Authority/Regional Authority Board of Directors - Representative
  • Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) General Assembly - Representative
  • Mayors’ and Councilmembers’ Association Legislative Committee of Sonoma County - Alternate Representative
  • Northern Sonoma County Homelessness Task Force - Alternate Representative
  • Russian River Watershed Association Board of Directors - Alternate Representative
  • Santa Rosa Plain Groundwater Sustainability Agency Board - Alternate Representative
  • Water Advisory Committee (WAC) - Alternate Representative

Youth Mayor Program - Apply by January 8, 2024

The Town Council of the Town of Windsor understand that when young people are engaged in their communities, they become more connected to the world around them and feel a stronger sense of ownership over their futures. Youth programs support improving life outcomes for our youngest citizens and improving the quality of life in our city, neighborhoods, and families. Partnering with youth and providing opportunities for young people to grow in their leadership skills helps bring new perspective to the Town Council.

This program is designed to engage our youth in civic and community initiatives that contribute to our thriving town. Students will have opportunities to develop their leadership skills through community engagement activities and to advocate for youth in community matters, thus increasing the likelihood they will continue their contribution to the Town of Windsor community in their adult years. For questions, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at

Programa de Alcaldes JuvenilesAplica antes del 8 de enero de 2024

El Ayuntamiento de el Pueblo de Windsor entiende que cuando los jóvenes participan en sus comunidades, se conectan más con el mundo que les rodea y sienten un mayor sentido de propiedad sobre su futuro. Los programas juveniles apoyan la mejora de los resultados de vida de nuestros ciudadanos más jóvenes y la mejora de la calidad de vida en nuestra ciudad, vecindarios y familias. Asociarse con los jóvenes y brindar oportunidades para que los jóvenes crezcan en sus habilidades de liderazgo ayuda a traer una nueva perspectiva al Concejo Municipal.

Este programa está diseñado para involucrar a nuestros jóvenes en iniciativas cívicas y comunitarias que contribuyan a nuestra próspera ciudad. Los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de desarrollar sus habilidades de liderazgo a través de actividades de participación comunitaria y abogar por los jóvenes en asuntos comunitarios, aumentando así la probabilidad de que continúen su contribución a la comunidad de la ciudad de Windsor en sus años adultos. Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con la Oficina del Secretario Municipal al