Short-Term Rental Regulations

On June 21, 2023, the Town Council adopted an ordinance regulating short-term rentals (STRs), which went into effect on July 21, 2023. The adopted ordinance is available here.

The adopted ordinance is summarized below.

  • With a STR license, hosted and non-hosted STRs are allowed in certain commercial districts and hosted STRs are allowed in residential districts.  
  • Non-hosted STRs in residential districts are prohibited and not eligible to apply for or receive a STR license. The ordinance includes an amortization period that allows non-hosted STRs in residential zones to recoup part or all of the owner’s investment. The amortization period expires July 1, 2025. In order to operate during the amortization period the STR must meet certain requirements and comply with all operating standards included in the ordinance. 
  • The ordinance includes operating standards for: noise, including quiet hours; maximum occupancy; minimum age of the person renting the STR; parking; prohibition on events, including parties; along with other requirements. A written copy of the operating standards must be available at the STR for guests. A complete list of operating standards can be found here.
  • The ordinance also includes additional requirements that: limit the number of STRs that may be owned by one person to three (3); require a STR to be owned by a natural person(s); state that a STR license is non-transferrable and does not run with the land; and require annual renewal of the STR license. A more complete list of additional requirements can be found here
  • The ordinance requires notice of an approved STR license is provided to occupants within 300 feet of the approved STR license that identifies the name of the property owner, host and manager, and their contact information.
  • The ordinance includes penalties for violating the provisions of the ordinance and the process and requirements for denying or revoking a STR license.

For more information about STRs, please contact Town STR staff: