Discovering Windsor Through Art

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The Town of Windsor is pleased to present the 2023 Discovering Windsor Through Art utility box painting program. This program aims to help beautify the community, enhancing the lives of residents as well as those who visit and work in the Town. This program is designed to grow and develop the talent from within to allow the community to discover each other through art.

Discovering Windsor Through Art is dedicated to exhibiting visual art outside the constraints of museums and galleries. To that end, we have identified 24 utility boxes that will be painted with rotating original art inspired by an annual theme.

In 2023, seven gifted artists were selected through a competitive process to paint designated utility boxes. The theme of “gratitude” is meant to express our positive feelings of appreciation for the people and places around us. Over the next few years, this program will grow to eventually all 24 boxes in Windsor will offer original art throughout town.

Special thanks goes out to Kelly-Moore Paints of Windsor for their sponsorship of the program.

Applications: The 2023 Application period has ended. To read the artist details, please view the Artist Handbook here

Any questions, please contact Mike Kovanis.

Meet the Artists!

Paula Acevedo, 2021

Rachel Brooks, 2021

Kate Chuidian, 2021, 2022, 2023

Isabella Damberger-Sheldon, 2021

Sarah Friedman, 2022

Alexia Friedman, 2022

Meghan Gillies-Edwards, 2021

Marcy Greeley, 2023

Aida Herrera-Keehn, 2021

Judith Hong, 2023

Sophia Jacobs, 2023

Sophia Katosh, 2021

Captain Fred Leuenberger (Sonoma County Fire District), 2022

Rowena Mielock, 2022

Austin Parnow, 2023

Ella Pecharich, 2023

Amber Rankin, 2021, 2022, 2023

Allison Stangland, 2023

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2021 Theme: Community Healing

Herrera-Keehn and Acevedo FB POSTAida Herrera-Keehn and Paula Castro are teachers at Cali Calmecac Language Academy. In addition to welcoming our children back into the classroom this spring, they somehow found time to bring this wonderful mural to life!

Titled “Healing Thru Transformation”, their representation of the 2021 theme Community Healing, allows the community an interactive experience with art. Much like their day jobs, they are inspired to bring art into the lives of children: “Both Paula and I teach art to children, we love how children can often ‘find their voice without words’ through the visual arts."
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Kate Chuidian is a sophomore at Windsor High School. Her mural “Blooming Amid Adversity” represents the 2021 theme Community Healing. The watering can is representative of how the community is growing and being cared for. The pair of hands represent the Windsor community as it holds up the Town.  The poppies signify our Town and the petals are the hardships the Town has endured and left behind. 

“I love going to museums to view different people’s artwork, so when I walk around places and am able to view art on a daily basis that I know means a lot to the artist who worked hard on them, it makes me happy."

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Rachel Brooks is a Sonoma County painter and muralist. Her public art works can be seen both here and in San Francisco. Her mural titled Promise, Progress, Peace and Perseverance brings a feeling of hope through color, a sense of calm through clean shapes and lines and a sense of community and belonging through diversity.  

Rachel describes her design representing the 2021 theme Community healing: “There are so many ways we need to grow, learn and heal. Whether from fires, from pandemic, from the state of our country, from how we treat each other. Everyone is suffering, yet together we can rise again."

This mural will be a welcome surprise as you travel along the southern edge of Town. At the intersection of Shiloh and Skylane, it is a bold reminder to us all to strive for Promise, Progress, Peace and Perseverance.

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Meghan Gillies-Edwards is a local Windsor resident who is passionate about art, holding a belief that art itself is therapeutic. She feels that art IS the healing in the 2021 theme Community Healing, both in creating it as well as observing it. Meghan’s mural titled Creating, Growing, Healing – Together is her representation of that. The hands painting symbolize togetherness and diversity; the hands planting a garden symbolize new growth together; the poppies are a symbol of perseverance and the native oak tree represents courage, honor and safety. 

“My intent is to show others, through my art, that accomplishing things together is the best way. As a community, we heal together through one another. We can grow together, create together, heal together; we are a community. We can get a lot more done if we do it together.”

Visit Meghan’s mural at the intersection of Windsor River Road and Market St.

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Isabella Damberger-Sheldon is a student at Santa Rosa High School's Art Quest program. She is also an apprentice with ArtStart; a local non-profit which provides mentoring and work experience for youth ages 14-20, inspiring talented youth to become artists and communicate through the visual arts. Isabella’s mural The Power of Kindness can be seen at the entrance to the Windsor High School parking lot, at the corner of Jaguar Way. It depicts how community healing occurs through unity and kindness; through solidarity there will be strength.

“I wanted to create something that would show the power and warmth of kindness and that would offer an interesting and eye-catching view.”

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Sophia Katosh is a student at Santa Rosa Junior College and an apprentice at ArtStart. Her mural Growth is a Process can be found at the intersection of Starr Rd and Old Redwood Hwy. This wrap around botanical and fauna illustration is inspired by the stages of the metamorphosis. This piece depicts the life cycles of a butterfly and is symbolic of our community taking the time to heal from natural disasters and the pandemic. It can be seen as an image providing hope that eventually we will be able to all take flight and move forward with life once again.

 “Public art brings cities and towns to life and gives them a vibrant history for those to see for years to come.”

Rankin 060121 FB POST

You can enjoy artist Amber Rankin’s mural “Coming Together”, at the busy intersection of Old Redwood Highway and Windsor River Road.

When asked how this design represents the theme Community Healing, the artist shared: “After a trying year of being separated both physically and divided emotionally and politically from many of our neighbors this design depicts our community coming together to enjoy each other’s company as well as project hope for the future of Windsor’s community as we grow together."