Tobacco Retailer License Program 

The Windsor Tobacco Retailer License Program is a  policy that requires any retailer of tobacco products in the Town of Windsor to obtain a license and abide by restrictions on the sale and marketing of tobacco products. The Windsor Tobacco Retailer License Program addresses multiple community concerns, such as youth access to tobacco, youth exposure to marketing, retailer density, and retailer location. 

The current Town of Windsor Tobacco Retailer License Program was adopted by the Town Council on August 18, 2021, and created the following regulations which all retailers must follow: 

  • No cigars or packages of cigarettes can be priced under $7 
  • Single cans of chewing tobacco cannot be sold. Chewing tobacco must be sold in packages of at least five cans.
  • Little cigars and cigarettes cannot be sold individually and must be sold in packages of at least five. 
  • Flavored tobacco products cannot be sold in Windsor after June 30, 2022.
  • E-cigarettes or vaping devices cannot be sold in Windsor after June 30, 2022. 
  • No price promotion strategies (coupons/discounts) on tobacco products are allowed
  • Tobacco products cannot be sold at pharmacy locations
  • New tobacco retailers are not allowed within 1,000ft of a K-12 school, park, and/or preschool
  • The number of tobacco retailers cannot exceed 1 retailer per 2,000 community members

Any Windsor Tobacco Retailer that does not follow these regulations is subject to the suspension and revocation of their license, and/or other legal actions.  

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