Starr Creek Park Fitness Equipment

Project SummaryClose up of Starr Creek Park and proposed location of fitness equipment

In 2016, the Town received a grant through Greenfields Fitness Equipment for seven pieces of equipment.   The equipment was received, however it was never installed due to the increase in installation costs and has been in storage since delivery.

As recommended and modeled in other communities, staff explored options for placement of the equipment in existing parks and along trails. Various locations were evaluated in 2016 based on accessibility and a desire to expand park amenities throughout Windsor for the greatest access and use. Staff previously proposed locations along the Windsor Creek Trail and Lakewood Meadows Park. Upon recent review of these past recommendations and community feedback, staff is recommending the exercise equipment be placed along the trail in Starr Creek Park.

The funding for the installation of this equipment was included in the FY2021-2023 budget adopted by the Town Council on June 16, 2021. As staff prepared to move forward on this project, the location needed to be refined. Staff presented the proposed location to the Parks and Recreation Commission (Commission) on June 8, 2022. The immediate park neighbors were mailed a postcard in advance of this public meeting. The Commission recommended this location be further considered, and proposed breaking the equipment into two pods between location #2 and #3 (Image below).


Starr Creek Park is a passive park adjacent to the Vintana neighborhood and Windsor High School Stadium. The western Windsor trail system connects the Trione Trail through Starr Creek Park and Keiser Park all the way to the Town Green. This park includes large turf areas which are used for pick-up game play and practice. The trails are used by walkers and bikers and provide an easy connection to the schools.  Starr Creek Park Map overview

Staff recommended three possible locations for placement within the park for the Commission to consider. The equipment can be installed in one block or could be broken up into smaller pods.

  • Option #1 is the closest to the High School and the easiest to access for classes and team use. It is the least visible from the street and to neighbors and has an increased likelihood of vandalism based on its secluded location. (Ultimately this option was not selected by the Commission due to the isolated location and higher risk of vandalism).
  • Options #2 and #3 are comparable in location and visibility. The installation of the equipment in these areas would require removal of ornamental grasses and will reduce the maintenance required in this area. (The recommendation was to utilize both locations, creating two distinct fitness pods).
  • 2-person cross country ski4-person pendulum, abs and dips station3-person static combo2-person accessible chest press machine2-person accessible lat pull machine4-person leg press machine2-person accessible vertical press machine

Next Steps

Signage has been placed in the proposed location to ensure the public has adequate time for feedback and comment. Town staff is currently receiving any comments or feedback for this project and will consider these as the project moves forward. Assuming no strong opposition, a fall 2022 installation date is being considered. 


To provide feedback on this plan, please email comments to by August 26, 2022.