Water Conservation Resources

The following documents and webpages contain a wealth of information, hints, and tips to help in water conservation efforts.

Indoor Water Use

Water Meter Basics - Learn how to properly read your water meter and detect possible leaks. 

H2OUSE Water Saver Home Tour - Information-packed and interactive site shows water usage for appliances, landscaping, pools and also how you can save water and save money.

Outdoor Water Use

Sonoma County Master Gardeners - Information about how to create a Water Wise Garden, including a plant selection list, information about drip irrigation systems, mulching, composting, and much, much more.
 CA Native Plant Society
(Milo Baker) - This local Sonoma County chapter offers information about propagation and preservation of native flora.

California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) - Daily, monthly, and yearly data sets of evapotranspiration rates for weather stations throughout California.

Russian River-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening - Excellent information regarding environmentally sound gardening practices, with an emphasis on reuse of materials.

Mediterranean Garden Society (Northern California Branch) - Lots of information and help regarding water appropriate plant choices for our area.


Irrigation Distribution Uniformity

Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation System Tune-Up

Low Water Use Plants

Native Oak Tree Care

Turf Alternatives

Water Use Classifications of Landscape Species (WUCOLS)


Irrigation Association - Irrigation research, education, and certification for Green Industry professionals.

California Water Efficiency Partnership (formerly CUWCC) - Learn about the latest news in conservation technology by visiting their Product News category.

California Landscape Contractors Association - Are you looking for some hired help to work on or manage your landscape? Use the CLCA's search engine to help you find a Water Management Certified landscape professional in our area.

Sonoma County Energy Independence Office (EIO) - The EIO helps Sonoma County’s residential and commercial property owners and tenants save energy and water and install renewable energy sources such as solar panels. 

PG&E's Energy Efficiency Rebate Program - If you are planning on buying a High Efficiency clothes washer, you will want to take advantage of this.

Educational Resources

Local Library Books and Videos - A list of water conservation resources available through the Sonoma County Library.

Water Science for Schools - Provides information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.