Water Efficient Landscape Rebate

Attention! New guidelines have been added as of January 2024. The Town of Windsor now offers a rebate for the removal of Artificial Turf with the replacement of water-wise landscaping. Artificial turf has known harmful impacts to the environment and does not align with the Town’s goals of promoting healthy, water-wise, living landscapes. View the WEL Program Guidelines for further information. 

The Town of Windsor is offering rebates for the removal of natural or artificial turf grass or for the purchase of lawn sprinkler equipment upgrades that improve the efficiency of your existing irrigation system. Raising your system efficiency reduces both the cost and the amount of water needed to maintain a healthy landscape. You can save even more water and money by replacing your turf and lawn sprinkler system with drought tolerant plants watered by a drip irrigation system. Rebates are not available for the installation of artificial grass or impermeable hardscape. Please view the WEL Program Guidelines for any project started after July 2022 to qualify. 

Participation in this program requires a pre-approval inspection prior to the start of work. Email water.smart1@scwa.ca.gov or call (707)547-1909 for an appointment. Please note responses may take up to 7 days. 

A voluntary indoor water survey can be provided at the time of the outdoor inspection. This optional indoor survey is an opportunity to help you to save water indoors as well as outdoors. 

REBATES FOR: Residential and Commercial Meters - $1.00 per square foot up to $1,500.                                     Irrigation equipment Rebate of total cost up to $500.