Butterfly Waystations

Plant a Monarch Butterfly Waystation & Pollinator Garden!

Monarch butterflies and other insect pollinators are disappearing! Only 6% of the Western Monarch Butterfly population remains. Pesticides, disease, and habitat loss are some of the reasons for the decline.

A waystation is a place for Monarchs to rest, refuel, and lay eggs during their migration journey. Waystations are great habitats and food sources for other pollinators too. 

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What are pollinators? Why are they important?

Pollinators are animals such as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds that feed on the sugary nectar in flowers. As they feed, they spread pollen from one flower to another. Pollinators help plants make seeds and fruits! Many of the plants we rely on for food, medicine, and materials are pollinated by butterflies and bees.

Monarch Butterfly

How can you help?

By planting a Monarch butterfly waystation and pollinator garden, you can provide food, shelter, and a place for pollinators to lay eggs! 

A successful waystation is:

  • Minimum 100 square feet
  • Pesticide-free
  • Has 3 bunches of 3 milkweed plants (9 plants total)
  • Has additional clusters of nectar plants
  • Has a shallow watering hole

Be sure to watch for Monarchs and other pollinators in Spring and be mindful of eggs and caterpillars that may be living in your garden!

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Monarch Waystation Plant Examples

How can I benefit from a Monarch Butterfly Waystation and Pollinator Garden?

A pollinator garden can be a beautiful addition to your landscape! Most of the plants we recommend are easy to grow, requiring little maintenance and watering. By providing pollinator habitat, you can support the health of insect pollinator populations that pollinate the plants we all use for food, materials, and medicine.

Windsor water customers may also be eligible for a turf rebate if existing turf is replaced with a pollinator garden. For more information, please visit Water Efficient Landscape Rebate | Windsor, CA - Official Website (townofwindsor.com) 

Thank you to the Windsor Garden Club for helping to create these resources!