Water Smart Home Program

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The Town of Windsor provides all interested residents free and comprehensive water use assessments, known as the Water Smart Home Program.  This program is designed to help residents identify ways to use less water, saving both money and a valuable, shared resource.

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to schedule an appointment for a water conservation representative to perform an on-site review of water use inside and outside your home, or sign up online.

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment—now is the perfect time to assess your home’s water efficiency and to get practical information about how to tune up your irrigation system.

On-Site Reviews

Toilets, faucets, and showerheads are checked for leaks and tested to determine whether low water-use fixtures are installed. If older, high water-use types are found, the Town will provide low-flow replacement showerheads and faucet aerators free of charge.

Irrigation systems are inspected for leaks and a system performance check is conducted. Based on the results, a site-specific irrigation schedule for spring, summer, and fall will be created for you, along with water saving recommendations for tuning up your system. The Town's Water Efficient Landscapes (WEL) program offers rebates for upgrading to water saving sprinkler technology or for removing turf grass.

Be sure your sprinkler heads are spraying the lawn, not the streets, sidewalks, or kitties! Click below to SIGN UP TODAY

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