Delinquent Accounts

Account Status

  • Accounts with a balance remaining after the statement due date and without a payment arrangement on record are considered delinquent.
  • Accounts with broken payment arrangements are considered delinquent.

Schedule & Fees

Our schedule for maintaining account status is as follows. All timeframes listed are minimums. Actual dates may be extended, but will not be sooner than those listed.

Failure to receive a bill or payment delayed due to the mail does not void a penalty.

Number of days following billing date
Scheduled Billing Activity
Payment due upon presentationN/A
Late fee assessed and Past Due Notice mailed$11
50Final Disconnect Notice mailedN/A
Water service disconnected if account remains in delinquent status. There will be no door tag or phone call prior to disconnection.$58

After hours fee for service requested after 5:00pm$170

Deposit assessed for any service disconnected due to non-payment, if a deposit is not already on file$200

In accordance with California Senate Bill 998, and California Civil Code Section 1632, the Town of Windsor's Discontinuation of Residential Water Service for Nonpayment Policy and water delinquency notices have been translated and available in the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.  Please reference the Discontinuation of Residential Water Service for Nonpayment Policy for your rights.

Meter Tampering

Water meters are to be turned on and off by Town of Windsor employees only. The Town of Windsor Master Fee Schedule establishes the following fees:

First Offence: $74

Second Offence: $112

Subsequent Offences: $112

Unauthorized Use of Town Water: Charge for time and materials and citation.