Building Inspections

Building inspections are required periodically as your construction project progresses. The specific inspections required for your project are listed on the back of your copy of the Building Permit.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to contact the Building Inspection Division to schedule inspections. It is also the responsibility of the permit holder to request inspections for each phase of the work upon its completion, prior to the commencement of the next stage of construction.

Inspection requests received before 5 PM will be scheduled for the following business day unless otherwise specified in your message. The inspector will contact the on-site person on the morning of the desired inspection day. Most inspections can be requested for morning or afternoon, but specific times of day cannot be scheduled. 

There are two types of inspections the Town conducts:

Major Inspections: require an on-site Town inspector. Major inspections will only be performed on Mondays and Thursdays.

Minor Inspections: can be inspected virtually by Town staff.

 Examples of minor inspections are:

  • Electrical panel (Photo should show wiring connections, ground wires, circuit labels, and location of panel on wall)
  • Solar installation (Photo should show panels wiring, grounding, and labels)
  • Water heater (Photo should show entire water heater, relief valve, exhaust vent, and gas supply or electrical supply)
  • Reroof (Photo should show entire roof and type of material)
  • HVAC (Photo should show entire unit and exterior unit if applicable)
  • Window replacement (Photo should show exterior of all windows. Note the bedroom windows)

To schedule a building inspection, please call (707) 522-8346, or for minor inspections email Skye Barnett at Requests for minor inspections should include address, building permit number, type of inspection, and photos and/or video of the work to be inspected.