Total Valuation

The project total valuation is the value of all the construction for which the permit is issued. This includes all finished work, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, elevators, fire extinguishing systems, professional services, profits, and any other permanent work or permanent equipment.

Specific Fees

The types of fees mentioned below are not all inclusive.
  • Plan Check fees are due when the plans are submitted for review. Only the smaller, over- the-counter type permits will not require a plan check fee.
  • When the permit is ready to be issued you may have to pay these additional fees:
    • Building permit fee
    • Development fees including sewer and water hookup fees as determined by the Engineering Department
    • School impact fees are also required for most new construction and must be paid before the permit is issued
    • The fire district also must approve the permit application and any fees required by the fire district must be paid before the permit is issued
    • Other Department and Agency fees as required
The fees identified below represent an attempt by the Town to assist the public in providing a flat-rate fee schedule for the less complex projects. Those permits not listed above will have their permit fees calculated on the value of the project, as determined by the ICBO publication titled "Building Standards", and the "Uniform Building Code Permit Fee Table".

If you have any further questions, please call the Building Official at (707)838-5341.