Windsor Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency

What is Redevelopment?

Redevelopment Map The Windsor Successor Agency supersedes the former Redevelopment Agency. Previously, redevelopment provided the financial resources for city and county governments to improve blighted areas. Redevelopment was a long-term program that provided additional funding for qualifying areas (redevelopment project area) by directing more of the property tax dollars to the redevelopment project area to help reverse deterioration and/or inadequate conditions. Redevelopment provided funding and assistance to owners and occupants through infrastructure improvements, additional affordable housing, rehabilitation and new development. Redevelopment agencies collected a larger share of property taxes generated by properties in the project area.

There are a total of 670 acres in the Town of Windsor Redevelopment Project Area of which 468 acres are in the original Redevelopment Project Area and 202 acres are in the Added Areas.

How Property Taxes Benefit Redevelopment

Property taxes were used to:
  • Rehabilitate properties
  • Stimulate private business and new development
  • Improve or replace infrastructure
  • Create jobs
  • Develop and maintain affordable housing
State law required that at least 20% of the tax increment received by the Agency be used to increase and preserve the community's supply of housing affordable to low and moderate-income households.

Plan Goals

The Windsor Redevelopment Plan was designed to achieve two central community goals:
  • Revitalize Windsor's historical downtown into an efficient and attractive center
  • Strengthen existing residential neighborhoods and expand the stock of affordable housing within the Project Area
Redevelopment has changed the face of Windsor. It has helped:
  • Enhance and expand local businesses
  • Encourage new businesses to locate in Windsor
  • Increase the affordable housing stock
  • Develop public infrastructure