Help us find you

The helicopter unit is available to assist you in a time of need; emergencies occur day and night.

Over the years, crimes in progress, rescues and medical calls have been handled by the helicopter crew and their actions have saved numerous lives.

When response time is critical, the biggest problem is the difficulty the helicopter crew has in locating the residence, especially at nighttime.

When there is an emergency and you need assistance from the helicopter unit, you can be assured of a quick response time by simply painting your address numbers on your roof.


For most roofs, reflective white numbers are best. If the roof is light, use black. For night viewing, sprinkle a bag of glitter or ground beads on the wet paint. The reflective properties help the numbers to be visible from the air.


  • Can be painted, using high quality exterior paint
  • May be placed on the front or rear of the roof, as long as they can be clearly viewed from the air
  • Are available as plastic numbers from commercial vendors
  • Can be placed on the back side of the roof if the roof pitches toward the street. Include the full street number on the roof
  • Spaces should be 4-6 inches wide between numbers
Note: The street name is not necessary.

Special Recommendations

  • Schools - Name of school should be on the roof. Street numbers are optional.
  • Commercial - First letter of each word of company name, plus any numbers. Example: B of A 567 (Bank of America)