Explorer Program

Exploring is a work-site-based program of Learning for Life, a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America for young adults. The Boy Scouts of America was started in 1910 by W. D. Boyce, Edward S. Stewart and Stanley D. Willis after a positive experience Boyce had with a Boy Scout in London. Exploring Units, called "posts" usually have a focus on a single career field such as police, fire, health, law etc. Law Enforcement Exploring also known as Police Explorers was founded in 1973.

The Windsor Police Department Explorer Post #7015 is a group of young men and women interested in a career in law enforcement. Explorers get a combination of classroom training and hands on experience that teach them about the rigorous and challenging field of law enforcement. The Explorers not only learn how to conduct traffic stops, fill out arrest paperwork, learn penal and radio codes, they also go on tours of different facilities, train for competitions, participate in events and have the opportunity to ride with deputies in the field.

Exploring is generally available to qualified young adults who graduated 8th grade and are ages 14-21. Explorers GPA must be maintained at or above a 2.0 and a background check must be passed prior to clearance being authorized.

If you have questions about the program you may call or email any of our Explorer Advisors:

Travis Perkins 
Aziz Atallah

An application can be obtained by visiting our office.