Storm Water Quality and Management

Do you recognize this creek? Is it near your home? it is Windsor Creek!! We have a new look for our Storm Water Logo and great information for the residents in Windsor and Sonoma County!

Storm Water Quality Program

All of the storm drains in the Town of Windsor discharge into creeks that ultimately drain into the Russian River. The discharge from the storm drains is not treated. Please report any clogged storm drain inlets, spills or dumping that could enter the storm drain system, and faded or missing storm drain labels to the Engineering Division of Public Works at (707) 838-1006 or email during regular business hours, Monday to Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. For calls outside of business hours, please call our 24-hour phone line at (707) 838-1000.

Documents Related to Storm Water Quality & Management

Town of Windsor Adopted Ordinances and Resolutions pertaining to Storm Water:
Stormwater Quality Ordinance 2008-249
Erosion Control Ordinance 2008-246
Reducing Pollutants in Storm Water Ordinance 2010-261
Resolution 3142-14 Adopting C.O.S.R. LID (Low Impact Development) Manual
City of Santa Rosa LID (Low Impact Development) Technical Design Manual and related documents

Russian River Watershed Association High School Video Contest

The Town of Windsor proudly presents the winning videos from the 2021 Russian River Watershed Association High School Video Contest. Congratulations to all the students who participated honoring the Water Awareness Month. RRWA Videos

Russian River Watershed Cleanup
RRWA Proclamations
River Cleanup Schedule:
Volunteer for the Cleanup:

California Coastal Cleanup:
Safe Medicine Disposal:
Free Medicine Drop Off Locations:

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The Overview of Windsor Creeks

There are five major creeks which flow through the Town of Windsor. These creeks are:
  • Windsor Creek
  • East Windsor Creek
  • Pool Creek
  • Pruitt Creek
  • Starr Creek
Click here for the map image to view the total watershed area of these creeks. (Read More)

There are additional opportunities to participate in the enhancement of the Russian River. Go to the Russian River Watershed Association website to find out more information about these opportunities.

The Russian River Watershed Association offers informative Reports and Publications the Town encourages you to read through the information by clicking on the link above.

Streets to Creeks 08-01-19
For more information on the Town of Windsor's Municipal Storm Water NPDES Permit Program Implementation, please call the Engineering Division of Public Works at (707) 838-5385.