Youth Swim Lessons


Town of Windsor Youth Swim Lessons are led by qualified Swim Instructors and are comprised of various classes in which age appropriate skills and water safety are taught. The program is designed for children to progress through the classes as they move from one level to another. Schedule of Lessons- Each two-week session is held Monday through Thursday, with the exception of weeks where there are holidays. Holiday and Private Lesson schedules are included in their respective class descriptions.

Click here to register: There is currently not a 2020 Swim Lesson Schedule.

Start of Lessons-Please arrive on time to your lessons so your swimmer does not miss the review, safety talk and warm up. Parents will need to check their child(ren) in on the class roster each day. The roster will be located upon the table at the south side of the pool deck. If you arrive early, please supervise your child(ren), and help them abide by the pool rules.

During Lessons -While your child is involved in the lesson, please do not stand or sit at the edge of the pool. In order to provide optimum instruction, we ask that while you are observing the lesson, please refrain from calling out additional instructions to your child. Parent interaction from the deck can be distracting to the instructor and often results in reduced attention from the participants.

Age Designations for Lessons -Swim lessons are designed primarily for youth ages 3-12 years. Older children will be accommodated based upon class availability. Lesson progression moves from Tadpoles to Level 4 and is based on successful completion of current enrollment and students age. Please note that the age requirements for each level are strictly adhered to. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Program Supervisor only.

Pool Closure-Lessons are taught rain or shine. Situations that may require pool closure are: Contamination of water, mechanical malfunction, chemical imbalance, inclement weather such as lightening, thunder or conditions brought on by earthquake.

Lesson Guidelines:
If the participant has had no prior experience with lessons and/or has had limited exposure to water, it is best to start at the beginning level for their age group.

If the child has had previous lessons, they may be ready to enroll in the next level beyond beginner. Please refer to the class descriptions and carefully review the skills needed to participate, as well as the skills that will be taught in class.

Classes fill quickly, therefore it may be advantageous to register your child for two sessions of the same level and then for another session at the next level. This ensures space in the program if they do not pass the first time.

Please read class descriptions carefully. Swimmers registered for a class in which they are not qualified will be transferred to the correct class only if there is a vacancy. If there is no vacancy, your payment will be credited to your account. Classes with fewer than four students are subject to cancellation. In the event of pool closure, your account will be credited accordingly. Credits or make-up classes will not be given for lessons missed by participants.

Pool Use Guidelines:
Please note that the Youth Swim Program is held at the Windsor Senior Center, 9231 Foxwood Drive. Please enter pool area & restrooms through the side gate, rather than through the Senior Center. The time allotted for lessons, family swim and birthday parties is often shared with Open Swim time for seniors. In light of this multiple use, we ask that parents and children please follow these guidelines: 1. Sign in for all programs at designated area. 2. To help reduce deck congestion, we ask that whenever possible, only one parent and the child enrolled for the lesson attend lessons. 3. Please supervise children on deck to ensure they do not stray close to the pool or hot tub. 4. While observing lessons, place chairs so that the pathway remains clear for seniors to enter and exit the pool and spa. 5. Lesson participants are not allowed to use the spa. 6. Please do not chew gum on deck or in the pool. 7. Please supervise children in the rest rooms at all times.