The Windsor Senior Recreation Center pool operates from May 1 - October 31.

The Pool Schedule can be found here: WSRC Calendars

Age Requirement
Adults aged 50 or older are eligible to use the pool regardless of residency status. to attend Open Swim or Open Lap swim the fees are:

$4 Windsor Residents

$5 Non Residents

Brook Creek Residents may attend Open Swim or Lap Swim with no fee

Monthly pool passes are available for 30 days of consecutive Open Swim or Open Lap Swim attendance. The Monthly Pool Passes may be purchased for:

$40 Windsor Residents

$50 Non-Residents

Adults aged 18 - 49 may use the pool for Senior Open Swim, Lap Swim and Senior Aquatic Fitness Programs once they have submitted a prescription from their physician which recommends that water exercise is beneficial to their health.

Note: Prescription must be renewed at the beginning of each pool season and will need to be added to your account before the system will let you enroll.

Grandchildren under the age of 16 years are  welcome  for  the  first  hour  of  Senior Open swim. Swim  diapers  are  required  for  children not yet toilet-trained. Grandparents  must  be  in  the pool  and  stay  within  arms  length of children who cannot swim independently.  

$3 per Grandchild

Senior Water Fitness Programs

Water Fitness classes are offered during the aquatic season. Note that participants under age 50 must submit the above-mentioned prescription in order to participate in the Water Fitness Classes.

$6 Windsor Residents

$7 Non-Residents

Water Fitness begins Monday, June 3, 2024 

Pool Use

The pool is ideal for older adults, as it is considered a therapeutic pool and is maintained between 85-87 degrees.