The Town of Windsor has a wide variety of native and non-native trees which give Windsor a unique visual character. Trees are a source of beauty, provide shade and other environmental benefits, enhance property values, create a community identity, and in general, enhance the quality of urban life.

The Town of Windsor is committed to protecting existing trees and planting new trees. In accordance, the Town has adopted a Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance, which regulates protection, preservation, maintenance, and removal of protected trees.

Additional information:

Mediterranean Oak Borer

The Mediterranean Oak Borer (MOB) is an invasive ambrosia beetle that was recently discovered within Sonoma CoMOB Infected Treeunty and has spread to trees within the Town limits. MOB infests oak trees, mainly valley oak, blue oak, and Oregon white oak. The beetles initially attack the crown of the tree and create tunnels (or galleries) in the branches, eventually invading the trunk and killing the tree. The infested trees can become a hazard when widespread galleries weaken the tree’s limbs and upper trunk.

 Property owners seeking additional information and guidance on this invasive pest can visit or view/download the Pest Alert. If you have a tree that you believe to be infested, please contact the California Department of Food and Agriculture Pest Hotline: 1-800-491-1899 or