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From this new online option, you may:
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  • New Business License $71
  • Annual Renewal $26 
Business license fees include mandatory State CASp fee (SB 1186 & AB 1379) of $4.  It is important to engage a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) in the event of new construction or alterations to a current facility in order to assess compliance with accessibility standards. This Notice to Applicants for Business Licenses and Commercial Building Permits provides additional information regarding CASp services and other federal and state disability access laws.

All applicable fees related to establishing and registering a business can be found in the Town's Master Fee Schedule.  

General Requirements

 Unless specifically exempt by the Windsor Town Code, no person shall engage in, operate or conduct a business within the Town, unless under and by the authority of a valid, unexpired and unrevoked business license issued by the Town (Code Section 3-6-120).

“Engaged in business” is defined in the Windsor Town Code as: Commencing, conducting, operating, managing or carrying on a business enterprise, whether done as owner, or by means of an officer, agent, manager, employee, servant or otherwise, whether operating from a fixed location in the Town or coming into the Town from an outside location to engage in such activities (Code Section 3-5-105).

The following businesses are required to have a Town business license:
  • Business enterprises located in the Town
  • Construction contractors and development companies that are issued Town permits
  • Vendors that do business directly with the Town when a written contractual agreement requires the vendor to have a Town business license
  • Persons who practice massage as a business
Out-of-town distributors or service providers are not required to have a Town business license in order to sell products or services to a business in Windsor, unless business is coming into the Town from an outside location to engage in business.

Non-profit, charitable, religious, benevolent, and congressional chartered veterans organizations and fraternal organizations are not required to have a Town business license.

The Business License Program replaces the Town’s business registration program. The fees remain the same. The initial application fee is $71 and the annual renewal fee is $26. All business licenses are valid until December 31 of each year. At least 60 days prior to expiration of a business license, an application of renewal will be mailed to all current business license holders.

Existing businesses that are not currently registered with the Town have ten (10) days from the date of the letter sent to obtain the required business license. If a complete application is not received by the end of the ten-day period, the unregistered business will be subject to a penalty of 50 percent of the application fee. If the unregistered business continues to operate beyond the ten-day period, the business may also be subject to other penalties authorized by the Town Code.

Home Occupation Permits

Home Occupation Permits are required for home-based businesses. Home occupation permits are allowed in all residentially-zoned districts and are available from the Community Development Department.

For more information, call (707) 838-1021, or download the Home Occupation Permit.