Improvement Plans

Approval Letters
A copy of all required approval letters from Fire Protection District, Sonoma County Water Agency, Sonoma County Environmental Health Services, Town of Windsor Building Department, U.S. Post Office and others, should be sent to the Engineering Department.

Fee Payment
Payment of the Plan Check and Inspection fees and approval signature by the Fire Protection District are required prior to signature approval by the Town Engineer.

After Approval
After the plans have been approved, provide the Town with one set of photo-mylars and three sets or prints.

Before Work Commences
The following are required after the improvement plans have been approved, but prior to commencement or any work:

Acceptance of Improvements

Upon completion of improvements and prior to Town Council acceptance of those improvements, the following are required :
  • One copy of the security to guarantee the improvements throughout a one-year warranty period
  • 10% of the estimated improvements
Record Drawings (at one time referred to as "As-Built" plans) - The applicant's engineer shall borrow the Town mylars and make all necessary changes, clearly indicating the record drawing changes.