Parks and Recreation Commission Agendas & Minutes


Note: Parks and Recreation Commission Meetings can be accessed via Agendas, Minutes & Videos . Anyone with a computer or laptop and internet access can view the Commission meetings live.

Archived and current Parks and Recreation Commission Agendas are available online. Occasionally, agenda-related writings/documents are received AFTER the distribution of the Agenda Packet for the current meeting. These documents will be posted to the website and are provided to a majority of the Commission. Inquiries regarding these materials should be directed to the Parks and Recreation Department at (707) 838-5382.

View January 17, 2008 through September 14, 2011 PARC Agendas
View October 12, 2011- Current Agendas


Parks & Recreation minutes are available online.
Please note: Parks and Recreation Commission minutes are action minutes ONLY. Minutes are not posted to the website until approved by the Commission at its subsequent meeting.
View 2007 - March 2011 Minutes
View April 14, 2010 - Current Minutes