Motor Oil & Filters Disposal

oil recycle facility

Curbside Oil Recycling

Sonoma County Resource Recovery (SCRR) now offers residential curbside collection of used motor oil and oil filters.  Call 707-795-7470 or visit to request free 1-gallon plastic containers for your used oil.  Oil filters should be placed in an appropriately sized zip-lock type bag and sealed, and placed next to the plastic container at the curb for pick up on your regularly scheduled garbage pick up day.  Up to 2 gallons of used motor oil may be recycled at the curb per week.  Any 1-gallon plastic container may be used, but the container MUST have a screw top lid for spill prevention.  If you use your own containers, please call 707-795-7470 to let the garbage company know you will have oil at the curb on your scheduled pick up day.

Oil Recycling Station - Permanently CLOSED

This location is permanently closed, please locate other recycling stations to dispose of your oil recycling such as O'Reilly Auto Parts or Pick-N-Pull.