Flag Football

Flag Football League Overview

Next Season - TBD, No Leagues planned for 2022
Contact Mattea Eldredge at 838-1267 for information


Town of Windsor Women's and Men's Flag Football Leagues run each Fall. Each league is designed for the recreational benefit and positive social interaction of the participants. The ability to participate in a "sportsmanlike" manner is essential. Each team will be required to pay a $50 sportsmanship deposit in addition to league fees. This $50 will be returned at the end of the season to those teams who have participated in sportsmanlike manner. Sportsmanship guidelines, schedules, league rules and policies will be discussed at the manager's meeting.


Registrations will be taken as a team. Each team must select a team manager who will open an account in their name in order to register their team. The entire league fee will be added onto the manager's account balance and must be paid in full prior to the manager's meeting. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Town of Windsor does take a variety of payments, however, if the team desires to register online, only one credit card will be accepted and must be paid in full at the time of registration. If you do not have a team, but wish to play in an upcoming league, please contact Mattea Eldredge at (707) 838-1267 to be put on the Sports Interest List that is accessible to team managers who are looking for additional players.

The Field

Windsor Flag Football League is 5 on 5. The playing field is 80 yards by 35 yards wide with 10 yard end zones on each side. Each game will consist of two 24-minute halves running clock with a maximum of 5-10 minute half-time. The time only stops in the last minute of each half.