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The Administrative Services Department is responsible for providing the following services to Town departments and to the public:

Town of Windsor Anti-Fraud Policy

The Town of Windsor is committed to the highest possible standards of transparency, honesty and accountability in all of its affairs. The Town is determined to maintain a culture of honesty and opposition to fraud and corruption. Based on this commitment, the Town has established an Anti-Fraud Policy adopted by the Town Council on October 7, 2015.

The Anti-Fraud policy reinforces the Town’s approach to business dealings by articulating the core values of the Town and by setting out the ways in which employees or members of the public can voice their concerns about suspected fraud or corruption. The full version of the Anti-Fraud policy can be viewed by selecting the link below.

The Town encourages and enables employees, staff and external parties, such as agents, advisors, and representatives, to raise serious, good faith concerns. It is the responsibility of every employee and citizen to immediately report suspected misconduct or dishonesty. To report a concern about suspected fraud or fraudulent behavior you may contact a Manager, the Risk Manager, the Town Manager, the Town Attorney or the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force established by President Obama in 2009. A concern can be submitted by email, telephone, written correspondence, or in person.

Telephone: 707-838-1000
Written Correspondence: P.O. Box 100, Windsor, CA. 95492
In Person: 9291 Old Redwood Highway, Building 400, Windsor
Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force website:
Anti-Fraud Policy: Anti-Fraud Policy