About Montessori In Motion Preschool

Montessori In Motion fosters the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development of the whole child by addressing the uniqueness of each child in a nurturing, emotionally supportive, and enriching academic environment. Children  participate in a variety of hands-on activities and work at their own pace allowing them to reach their potential in all areas of development. The inviting learning environment emphasizes grace and courtesy and collaborative play. The curriculum areas include practical life (care of self and care of the environment), sensorial (activities that educate through the five senses), math, language, science, cultural, music and art. Daily Spanish is integrated into our curriculum. An engaging circle time and outdoor play completes this joyous experience. These educational opportunities lay a solid foundation for kindergarten readiness and academic success as well as life skills.

For detailed information on Classroom Curriculum Area Descriptions click here. This program is offered M-Th 9-12:00pm. Our dedicated and qualified preschool staff plays a vital role in meeting your expectations.

Classroom Curriculum Areas:

  • Practical Life
  • Language
  • Math
  • Science & Nature
  • Cultural
  • Art
  • Spanish
  • Cooking & Nutrition
  • Grace & Courtesy
  • Peace Education

Schedule of the day:
9:00-9:15       Circle time
9:15-9:30       Small group table activity
9:30-11:00      Free choice exploration and individual and small group lessons
11:00-11:20    Outdoor play
11:20-11:30    Clean-up and hand washing
11:30-11:50    Lunch
11:50-12:00    Spanish

For current rates and registration information, go to www.townofwindsor.com/preschool