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1. Do I need a Permit to work in the Town’s right-of-way?
2. Who handles the garbage pick-up in the Town of Windsor?
3. Who can I call with questions about my water bill?
4. Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of my house?
5. Why can't I flush unused medications or throw them in the trash?
6. Who do I contact to get a pothole fixed?
7. What happens to the Town's wastewater after it is treated?
8. What is the schedule for street sweeping?
9. Do I need a permit for a storage container for moving?
10. Are there any easement on my property, and if so, am I limited to how I may use that easement area?
11. How can residents and businesses dispose of hazardous waste?
12. Where can I see a list of Public Works projects currently bidding?
13. Where does the Town’s responsibility end on a water service lateral?
14. How can I request a Public Works Inspection?